Pastor Von ( he just goes by Von ) founded Spectrum Ministries in San Diego in 1981 and since then, Spectrum Ministries has literally taken hundreds of thousands of teenagers and adults across the border into Tijuana, Mexico.

Water4Life Ministry is working with Aaron Passmore, Director at Spectrum Ministries to get Village filters to the poor in Tijuana, who do not have access to safe drinking water.

Children, adults and entire families, but mostly groups of teenagers go across the border to minister in Mexico with Spectrum. Teenagers come from all over the United States and Canada to venture across the border with Spectrum. Their agenda takes them out of their world and into a third world.

Spectrum Ministries is an amazing organization, who reaches out to help the poorest of the poor in Mexico with humanitarian help and to share the gospel.

On Spectrums workdays, the teens are out of their element and open to teaching. At this point, they are challenged to: (1) reevaluate their values and (2) make a difference in their world. They are encouraged to become missionaries. If nothing more, everyone returns home very thankful and appreciative for what they have.

Spectrum works with a Christian agenda in mind. In addition to two very large workday programs each week, they have weekly Bible clubs in several of larger areas. They work in concert with churches in these areas and they train the teens and help them in their schooling…these teens work along side of Spectrum as they minister in Mexico. Aaron also holds several teen discipleship groups in Tijuana.

The money lenders who many are forced to use, often sexually exploit Christian women, torturing Christian men, women and their families..

And every Thursday and two Saturdays a month, Spectrum’s vans are in the back hills of Tijuana with groups of Americans ministering to the families and children in seven areas including the Tijuana dump. Their concern is for the health of the children, their schooling and their housing and food needs.

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