In January 2010 a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti killed 300,000 immediately, left 1.5 million homeless, and now threatens untold hundreds of thousands with a cholera epidemic, the invisible killer that is certain to ramp up once the rainy season begins.

Haitians live in fear as rainy season looms, bringing another wave of cholera.

The British medical journal, The Lancet, predicts nearly 800,000 cases and over 11,000 deaths from the cholera outbreak alone by October 2011.

Fighting cholera does not come cheap: It costs $1 million to run a 200 bed Cholera Treatment Center (CTC) for three months. This includes 45 nurses, 80 support staff and 9 doctors. Having clean water that is free of the Cholera virus would make a huge impact in saving lives and saving money.

The absence of latrines and safe drinking water in Haiti provides an opportune environment for cholera and other water borne diseases. Incredibly, temporary shelters do not include sanitation. People are defecating into plastic bags, or going on the ground or in streams.

One of the organizations we have partnered with helping Haiti, is Hope for the Nations (HFTN) which is working with Pastors on the ground to meet the many needs of the orphans by supplying services such as food, clothing and shelter.

One of the many ministries they work with in Haiti is “Help Organization for the Poorest Children in Haiti”. With their own personal funds, a Pastor and his wife started this ministry in 2008 supporting over 50 orphans. This one ministry has doubled over night with the number of orphans they are caring for.

On HFTN’s last trip to Haiti in March 2011, Water 4 Life Ministry was able to supply some filters so the team could provide safe drinking water to two of the orphanages they serve.

The Sawyer water filters we provide our partners like HFTN, effectively provide clean drinking water that is free of Cholera and other life threatening bacteria that is infecting the water supply of millions of children and adults on a daily basis.

The Pastors of these two orphanages where thrilled to have these life saving water filters for their children…thank you Water4Life Ministry. Geoff Graham (HFTN)

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