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Our safe drinking water solutions:

The Village Filter system is the smallest, fastest, easiest and most cost efficient way to get safe portable drinking water to people in need.

$25 covers the cost for one Village Filter, which will provide safe, clean drinking water for an entire family for approx 10 years. Each filter produces approx 5 gals/hr, of bacteria free water, yielding thousands of gals of safe, clean drinking water over it’s lifetime, with proper maintenance.

Water4Life Ministry’s early strategy, has been to partner with as many mission organizations as possible, supplying the first mission team with each organization with a few of the life saving water filters. Then get feedback as to how many filters each mission organization can deploy in the world. Then Water4Life Ministry is going out and doing everything possible to raise as much funding as possible, to supply as many filters as possible to these wonderful mission organizations to take all over the world, helping to save children/lives where they go.

We are also forming close partnerships with established and credible organizations that have spent years perfecting the skills and technology to provide sustainable, long lasting, safe drinking water in their specific country, such as well-drilling. Part of our strategy as our ministry grows, is to help these partners that have been in their specific country and area for years and that know the language and needs of the people, to save more lives

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