We are committed to ending the global water crisis

We believe in a future where every child has access to clean water. With your help we can achieve this reality
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Since 2011

With your help Water4Life Ministry has provided
“Praise God”


Since 2011 With your help Water4Life Ministry has provided
“Praise God”

& more children/families with safe and clean drinking water

& more water filters to families in need

As of 11/1/2023 installed wells bringing safe water to thousands

Countries got helped

Over 1,835 precious children die each and every day from bacteria in contaminated water. That is one child every 47 seconds every day!

785 million people in the world live without clean water. Or, 1 in 10 people globally. Most of these people live in rural, poverty-stricken areas where women and children walk hours a day to retrieve water, that is often carrying diseases, for their family. This time spent takes away opportunities for kids to finish school or mothers to earn an income. Access to clean water changes everything, from health to education and income- especially for women and children.

We save children’s lives

Our mission is to end the cycle of poverty and destruction caused by contaminated water. We at Water4Life Ministry believe that access to clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental human right, not a privilege. We are dedicated to providing it through portable water filter systems and drilling wells. The global water crisis is solvable, but only with your help.

Guatemala Family Sponsorship…

Create a close, personal connection with a precious family in extreme need in Guatemala…
Please click on this link to see the families that need your help…Thank you!!
sponsorship program in Guatemala

We are now drilling wells in Kenya…

I’m very excited to share with you after 5 years of raising over $100K to fund the purchase our own drill system to cover all the costs get it into Kenya with 500 water filters in Jan, we have now completed our 1st 3 wells, bringing safe water to over 1,500 children and family members and allowing over 100 young girls to go to school and women from walking every day to find water. I want to personally thank all of our donors, who helped make this possible and especially 2 of our largest donors Noelle Wylie and the Silas family and friends.

How you can get involved

Your contribution directly helps us provide life-saving water filters to those suffering most.

Just $30 provides one family with a portable water filter allowing them access to safe water over 5 years.

$12,000 will provides access to an entire village with safe and clean water each and every day. On behalf of the entire Water4Life Ministry team, we want to thank you for your generosity and ongoing support.