In 2005, Jae and Debra Evans moved to South Africa. Not long after, they began a discipleship program with some Xhosa kids in a township called Mbekweni. About 60 kids came, but many were too hungry to hear God’s Word.

One-sixth of the world’s population goes to bed hungry every night and over 6 million children under the age of 5 die each year from starvation.

So in 2008, their new ministry, OutsideTheBowl (OTB ) opened up it’s first super kitchen in Paarl, Africa and today, they are providing over 6,500 meals/day to families out of this one kitchen in the name of our Lord. They also have a super kitchen feeding over 2,000/day in Haiti and they are building one now in Mexico.

When hunger hollows out the body, disease attacks the vulnerable system. Diarrhea (which leads to dehydration), malaria and acute respiratory illness settle in. Chronic hunger means malnourished women give birth to underweight babies, resulting in high infant mortality rates. Malnourished children have weak immune systems, making them susceptible to infection. This basic need overcomes their existence.

OTB renovates cargo shipping containers; packs them with a complete kitchen (700-pound electrical kettles, water storage tank, tools & more); adds roof support and other building materials; and ships it to the site. Once it arrives, the super kitchen can be constructed and operational in just a few weeks..

Each kettle can cook 1,000 meals in two hours. That means, with the standard initial two pots sent to any given location, OTB can serve up to 8,000 hot meals in an eight-hour day..

OTB builds every super kitchen so it becomes self-sustainable. They do this by partnering with established in-country churches and mission organizations, while employing locals to run the facility, teaching the community to care for itself.

OTB is introducing to Water4Life Ministry, their church and mission partners in Africa, Haiti and Mexico and will also be distributing filters to families. These will be some of our new partners on the ground, distributing life saving Sawyer water filters, so people aren’t forced to drink contaminated water to try and stay alive.

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