Please decide to help precious, beautiful little girls and boys be healthy, have food to eat every day, go to school, have a warm bed to sleep in at night and many more things…See below.

What we do….

We partner up with families that live in Guatemala, who are in the most extreme poverty and facing the most difficult situations, including no Dads around to help. Our social workers meet with the families and develops a profile on the family and what help they need.

Sponsorship levels start at $25/month to whatever you can help with and whatever you help with, please know that you are personally changing these precious children’s lives forever!! 
Your help allows us to send a social worker to meet with your family once per month, identify need and provide solutions ( There maybe more then one sponsor per family, for us to receive what is needed monthly to support each family….the cost will depend on how many children are in the family ).

What Your Sponsorship Can Provide for the children/family…

Monthly food deliveries/supplies

Medicine, vitamins

School  clothes, supplies/expenses

Home improvements…cement floors replacing dirt floors, new roofs etc

Doctor visits

Shoes and clothing

New beds, blankets, sheets etc

Water filtration system

Emergency help and assistance

This video will show you the typical living conditions of the families we support

When you sponsor a family…

Reports to You… You will receive Quarterly reports on how you are supporting your family and how each child is doing, which will include photos, letters and stories from the children saying Hi to you and when possible, short videos of your family thanking you! You will also have opportunities to send and receive letters.
Visit your family…. We go to Guatemala with teams at least twice a year and we hope you will decide to join us one of our our trips, so you can visit your family.
Our PartnersOur caring, loving team members on the ground in Guatemala includes our wonderful partners Jody Greenlee www. freedomthroughfriendship.org, Maria Holm, Joanna Herr and Jessalyn Waddell www.stepsofhopeguatemala.org and my special friend, Elvira Gizatullina, who designed this amazing website for us…I’m so very thankful for each of you… Love Rudy
These are the 3 families we need sponsors for right now. Please decide to be a sponsor for these precious children and moms. As we get enough sponsors to fund the monthly needs for these 3 families, we will be adding more families and sending out updates each month
Lina’s Story

Lina’s Story

Lina's Story ( TOTAL SPONSORSHIP NEEDED $290/MONTH ) Lina is an exceptional mother who lives in Santa Maria de Jesus. The father of the children...

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Rosy’s Story

Rosy’s Story

Rosy's family story (TOTAL SPONSORSHIP NEEDED $200/MONTH ) Rosy was born in Honduras and abandoned by her mother as a baby, left to one of her...

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Rosalba’s Story

Rosalba’s Story

Rosalba's family story (TOTAL SPONSORSHIP NEEDED $200/MONTH )Rosalba the mom and her three precious children, Jeremias 12, Consuela 10 and Celeste...

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