I met Amy Jordan and we were able to supply her 5 Sawyer filters just before she jumped on her plane on her very first mission trip heading to Ethiopia. What a Blessing just these 5 filters brought to children/family members where she went…here is her story.

My trip to Ethiopia was life changing!!! Regarding the water filters. They were such a HUGE blessing to the people of Arba Minch. Our last day was when we gave them out. The main town that we did ministry in, we gave them a water filter. And they have never had anything like that before. We set them up as you will see in the pictures and the town was so thankful and so happy!!

The second filter, my team mate drove it up to a very secluded village. Thursday the day before, they were in that village sharing the gospel and the whole town surrouded him, including the governor for that village. They listened to the gospel and several of them accepted Christ. Our team asked them for prayer requests and the major thing that asked for was for clean water. They said that so many people in their village get many diseases and die because they have NEVER had clean water. That village had never been exposed to running water ever. So my team never mentioned that we had a water filter but said that we would pray that the Lord would do work in that. Well that next day, my teammate delivered the water filter to the village as a surprise and portrayed it as a gift from God. All prayers were answered. This village was beyond grateful and the miracle even led more to Christ. It was amazing to see the hope of Christ in these people’s eyes.

I want to thank you so much for all of you help and generosity in this trip!

The remaining three filters were given to the pastor we worked with and he proceeded to disperse them after we left. But they were a HUGE blessing to those in Arba Minch, Ethiopia.

Much love and many blessings, Amy Jordan

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