This time our team went to a small village called Mbang located in the rainforest region of Cameroon. We were able to take 50 Sawyer filters with us that Water4Life Ministry supplied our team.

Our project was to finish a clinic so that the Baka tribe could receive affordable medical help. This is a tribe that does not name their children until they turn 5 years of age due to the high infant mortality rate.


800 Orphans now have access to safe, clean drinking water

In Cameron we operate four Aids Orphan Rescue Units and care for 800 children. Our national staff and Bible school students often deal with cases of typhoid throughout the year.

Now because of these filters all 800 children and the staff are now drinking clean, safe water.

A well had been dug in this area three years ago but was not useable as mercury had been discovered in the water. The only source of water for us was a spring a 20 minute walk away.

The team was healthy and all of us were surprised that the water even had a good taste. We love this filter ! It is lightweight and so easy to set up and use. What a blessing to be able to supply these filters to these Aids Orphan Rescue units. We look forward to hearing testimonies of healthier staff, students and orphans in the near future…thank you Water4Life Ministry.

Linda Maher..team leader

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