Teen Missions was founded in 1970 by Robert Bland and a group of men and women who were passionate about getting youth involved in missions.

The innovative idea at that time of involving teenagers in missions continued to develop and that summer the first Teen Missions team embarked to the country of Mexico. Though it was a meager beginning, the program took off and now boasts of over 30 teams that travel to 30 some countries each year.

Teen Missions has partnered with Water4Life Ministry to help reach the impoverished people in the world with the life saving Sawyer filters, so people aren’t forced to drink contaminated water.

The goal of Teen Missions is to awaken teenagers to the needs in missions, acquaint them with the reality of life on the mission field and give them an opportunity to serve the Lord through work projects and evangelism

Today they have 29 overseas bases that house national staff and operate a Bible school at each base. Linda Maher with Teen Missions said that each of those locations could use water filters. She also said that they would want their 30 teams of North Americans, that go to overseas on short-term missions trips to all take filters in each backpack, so they can save lives.

They also have 45 AIDS Orphan Rescue Units that are assisting over 10,000 children and thousands of widows in the countries of Cameroon, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa. So Linda said, as you can see, our need for safe drinking water is great.

They help in four ways. They put as many as possible in primary school, provide medicines and life-saving malaria treatments, train orphans in proper nutrition, clean water use, and train in gardening and animal care. And most important- bring the hope of the Gospel through Sunday schools.

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