3 Precious Sisters…they are all alone now…Mother died of cancer!


The 3 sisters you see in the photos, Mother Navia, recently passed away from cancer…their dad being out of the picture for a long time, being a long term alcoholic. So, these 3 very young sisters are really on their own now, trying to help each other just survive.

But, with your help as a Sponsor, we are going to make sure to keep the 2 younger sisters Maudi 11, Maria 15 healthy and enrolled in school and do our best to get Grislda the oldest back in school and keep healthy. Right now, Grislda, cleans clothes in the river 30 minutes away from their home to earn just $4 /day to buy food for her and her sisters, she won’t need to do this now, under our Sponsorship Program.

Jody our partner in Guatemala met Navia 2 years ago when she went to the hospital where Jody was volunteering asking for help. Navia, deeply touching Jodie’s heart and her and her main man on the ground Victor, has been doing their best to help the family, even thou their horrific home you see in the photos is a 5 hour drive from Guatemala City. Jody said this is the worst living conditions she has ever seen. They have no electricity or plumbing of any kind in the home and their toilet is a hole in the ground just outside of the home. Our longer term plan is to improve the living conditions for the girls with time and as we raise more funds. Short term, Victor will be driving to them once a month, delivering nutrition rich food for the month, giving them any meds they may need and girl supplies. We are going to get them a solar powered lighting system all the items so they can have a good nights sleep…bunkbeds, blankets & very important, Mosquito nets and a safe wood efficient stove, plus much more!!

God has brought our 4th family to us to help!! 3 Precious Sisters!! Praise Jesus!! Please decide to be a Sponsor for these beautiful, precious sisters!!

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