Rudy Shaffer

At the age of 23, Rudy was Founder and President of his first of three electronic service companies in the San Diego area. After 30 years in the electronics industry and helping to raise six wonderful children, he went on his first mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico. This last Christmas 2010, Rudy discovered something profound, which he will spend the rest of his life to help change read his story >
Terri Lebeau
Director of Marketing

God has Blessed Terri with a beautiful heart to serve the hurting in the world. Her path started as a registered nurse working in intensive care with hospice patients. Terri brings to our team an extensive background in business development and marketing in the health care industry. Terri went to Africa in 2005 on her first mission trip that changed her life forever. When she discovered our Ministry, she knew immediately that God had brought her to the work that He had been preparing her to do for years. Terri's love for our Lord and for children/families is evident in her passion for helping in any capacity to grow our Ministry.

Robert Cording
Executive Producer

As Producer of over 50 films and videos, including several dramatic feature motion pictures, Bob has produced and directed film projects in many countries throughout the world. (Bob's background includes productions for Campus Crusade, and President of Omega Films and Questar 7 Productions) Bob has seen the overwhelming problems and needs of families living in Third World countries and he knows that our Ministry provides a critical solution that can help save tens of thousands of children/lives in the world.
Mark Gilewicz
East Coast Director of Programs

A 1987 Graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a Communications and Business Administration degree. Mark Gilewicz had the opportunity to hone his marketing and communications skills early by assisting in the worldwide expansion of Gilewicz International (Company started by Mark’s parents). Mark’s integrity and strong spiritual walk with God has blessed many and he has built long term relationships all of the world. Mark regularly travels internationally for business and ministry and he brings a wealth of experience and integrity to the Water4Life Ministry team.
Mike Mathews
Web Developer/Designer

Mike's passion is creating and developing newer, better, and useful things. Mike is excited to be part of our team helping bring clean water to needed people around the world. Please take a look at his work and company with the provided link below
Crashpixel.com >
Mike Turvey
Engineering Consultant

Mike has a graduate degree in Environmental Health Science and worked for the Environmental Protection Agency for 32 years. As a volunteer, he helped trained people in Haiti and Ecuador how to drill shallow water wells. He also has worked on water projects in Liberia and the Solomon Islands. He has seen firsthand both good wells and ones that have failed. Mike knows the value of safe drinking water and realizes the blessing of that for his six grandchildren who will never experience the diseases that are too common for children in developing nations.
mike turvey