Our Partners

We are proud to list below the wonderful organizations that have partnered with our ministry. We are working together to save children and lives in the world, by providing safe drinking water solutions!!

We will be adding new partners to this list each month…keep checking back.

The links below will take you to the web sites of these amazing partners, so you can see how they are sharing our Lord Jesus and helping the impoverished people in the world.

www.e3partners.org e3partners sends mission teams each year to over 20 countries serving the poor and sharing the Lord.

www.sportsoutreach.org Sports Outreach International shares the Gospel in third world countries through sports programs.

www.africantango.com Hope for the Nations is working with pastors in Haiti to save children/lives.

www.teenmissions.org Teen Missions is helping over 10,000 orphans and thousands of widows in Africa every year, fueled by God.

www.Spectrumministries.com Spectrum Ministries takes teens and adults into Mexico to help the poor and share our Lord.

www.outsidethebowl.org Outside The Bowl builds Super Kitchens in third world countries feeding thousands of the poor each day.

www.worldvision.org World Vision serves over 100 million people in nearly 100 countries around the world sponsoring children in the name of our Lord.

www.FH.org Food For the Hungry embraces a biblical response to God's call to end physical and spiritual hunger worldwide.

www.GBCMT.org Grace Bible Church sponsors missionaries in third world countries.

www.steelecreek.org Steele Creek Church has a “ Bridges “ ministry bringing together ethinically diverse people from all over the world.

www.abundanthopeministries.com Abundant Hope Ministries supports orphanages in third world countries.

www.HandAndFeetProject.orgThis wonderful Ministry is sharing the Gospel with people in Haiti and caring for their orphans.

www.coronadobaptist.org Mission teams being sent to Nepal, Kenya and Costa Rica this year to share the Gospel and help save lives.

www.US2Uganda4life.org  Their mission teams are providing filters to help save children in Uganda, where they support a children's center and a medical center.

www.Agapewebsite.org  Agape International Missions is fighting child sex trafficking in Cambodia, guided by Christ.

www.Missions4Jesus.com  This awesome partner is supplying filters to help save children/lives in Malawi, Africa.

www.whynotnowministries.org  read this wonderful new partner's urgent and horrific story to help save children in Cambodia on Our Projects page ( this will break your heart ).

www.ConvoyofHope.org  These wonderful Ministry supports around the world disaster relief and feeding children.

www.BelieversWorld.com  This Ministry takes mission teams to Costa Rica, Uganda, South Africa and Belize sharing the gospel and helping the poor.