cambodiaOur partners Mark and Jessica, Why Not Now Ministries, sold their home in Orange County in 2012. They now live in Vietnam with their two small children and are building an orphanage as a safe haven for children. They work in Vietnam and Cambodia, saving children from a life of horror in sex trafficking and dirty water is one of the causes, why families sell their children.

The people are so poor and desperate that they are selling their children just to survive. They got to personally see the water they are drinking. It was absolutely horrible and full of disease. The children are dying from typhoid and all the other things that the Sawyer filters eliminate.

Each little hut has a cement container for water. They pay $1.00us to fill the jug which is about 3 days of entire family salvaging and recycling to make that much money. One of the villages has about 1,500 people living in it. They want to provide as many water filters as possible when they go back to the area to help save the children from health issues and hopefully from being sold.

Our goal is to provide at least 500 filters to Why Not Now Ministries.

cambodiaThe more we can do to make the people successful and part of this is so they don't have to pay for water, the less likely they will come to a point of selling their children.

They have also partnered with a local pastor that is giving the people an education and doing his best to teach them trades.  They are committed to helping these children and their families.

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