Dear Friends of Water 4 Life Ministries,


On behalf of Water For Life, we want to thank you again for the contributions and support you made to our organization over the years. With your help we have shipped over 4500 water filters to more than 16 different countries and WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED.


As you know, Water 4 Life is known for providing water solutions internationally and our latest project is no exception. On October 4, a Category 4 hurricane tore through the island of Haiti, leaving utter destruction in its wake. Hurricane Matthew has killed 800 people and damaged over 20,000 homes; leaving thousands of families devastated and their water sources unclean or destroyed completely.


Not only is there a concern for a lack of clean water now internationally, but there could also be concern for places within the US, with the hurricane threatening coastal areas in Florida as well.

Water for Life is raising funds mainly to supply water filters and to help purchase food through our two main ministry partners who are currently on the ground in Haiti. Those two main partners are Filter of Hope, who are focusing on families in the Lupin Area of Haiti, and Mission of Hope, who are focusing on the families in the Dame Marie regions. The goal is to provide filters and bring food to families who are stranded or trapped as a result of the hurricane and are now unable to gather food or get water from a safe water source.


Below is a link to a GoFundMe campaign, where you can contribute to the cause and help children and families get much needed access to clean water.




We know many of you have already given a lot and we thank you in advance for any help you can render

-- The Water For Life team